To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
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"I said everything I had to say in that book and I stand by it forever."
- Harper Lee

Written by Harper Lee (pictured above) To Kill A Mockingbird is a story about Scout Finch and her family having to deal with the conditions of racism, prejudice, and discrimination of Alabama in the 1930's. Scout's Father, Atticus Finch has willingly chosen to represent poor African American Tom Robinson as he is being tried for raping Mayella Ewell, a white woman.
To%20Kill%20a%20Mockingbird.jpgTom Robinson.pngTom Robinson- Tried for raping Mayella Ewell.
Pictured from left to right: Scout Finch, Atticus FInch, Jem Finch.

mayella Ewell.jpgMayella Ewell and her father Bob Ewell.

Main Charcaters:
1.) Scout Finch:
  • Scout-Finch.pngReal Name is Jean Louise Finch. Is the narrator of this story.
  • Young girl; about 12 years old. Somewhat of a Tomboy.
  • Daughter of Attticus and sister of Jem.
  • Her mother died when she was two.
2.) Jem Finch:
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  • Older brother of Scout.
  • Has a broken arm at the beginning of the story.
  • Adventurous and daring.
  • Takes good care of his sister.
  • Curious and willing to learn.
  • Obedient to his father.

3.) Atticus Finch
  • Father of Scout and Jem.
  • Successful lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama.
  • Very smart and well-spoken.
  • Not like most dads in Maycomb: loves to read instead of fish and hunt.
  • One of the best shooters in all of Maycomb

4.) Calpurnia
  • Acts as a mother figure to Jem and Scout.
  • Cooks and cleans for the Finch Family.
  • African American.
  • Takes the children to church.
5.) Walter Cunningham
Walter cunningham.jpg
  • A classmate of Scout.
  • Comes from a very poor family that can barely pay for Walter’s lunch.
  • Scout considers him to be dumb and weird.
6.) Boo Radley
  • Lives in a run-down house with his brother Nathan.
  • No one has seen him in years.
  • Jem, Scout, and Dill suspect that he eats squirrels and is crazy.
  • Got in trouble with the law at a young age.
  • 15 years later he stabbed his father with a pair of scissors.

Chapter Outlines:
Chapter 1:
  • Story is narrated by Jean Louise Finch, Scout.
  • Jem and Atticus Finch are introduced.
  • Jem and Scout meet Dill, a boy who moves next door.
  • Authur "Boo" Radley is introduce.
  • Dill dares Jem to touch the Radley house and he does.
Chapter 2:
  • Dill goes back to Meridian, his old house.
  • Scout goes to school, where she is displeased as her teacher, Mrs. Caroline did not liek how she was educated by Atticus.
  • Scout tries to explain the cirumstances of Walter Cunningham to Mrs. Caroline but is reprimanded for doing so.
Chapter 3:
  • Scout rubs Walter's head in the sand and tries to beat him up.
  • Jem sees this, stops Scout, and invites Walter back to the Finch household for lunch.
  • SCout did not have a great day at school.
  • This is where Atticus says, "You never really understand a person until you climb in his skin and walk around in it."
Chapter 4:
  • The school year continues as Scout thinks it is too easy for her.
  • On her way home, Scout sees tinfoil in an oak tree in the Radley's yard. Inside is two pieces of bubble gum.
  • On the last day of school, Scout and Jem find two, old indian head pennies.
  • Summer comes and Dill returns.
Chapter 5:
  • Jem and Dill's relationship grows closer, while Scout starts to spend time with Miss Maudie Atkinson, a widow who is their neighbor.
  • The torment of Boo Radley from Jem and Dill continues. Atticus tries to stop them though.
Chapter 6:
  • During the night, Jem and Dill sneak to Boo Radley's house in hopes that they would see Boo. Scout tagged along.
  • They saw a figure moving through the window.
  • They ran; Jem got his pants caught on the fence.
  • Jem went to go retrieve his pants later that night and saw that they were neatly folded as if someone was waiting for him.
Chapter 7:
  • Scout is as unhappy in second grade as she is in first grade.
  • More discoveries were made in the oak tree- a ball of gray twine, two figures carved in soap to resemble Jem and Scout, chewing gum, spelling bee medal, and an old pocket watch.
  • However, the oak tree was filled up with cement because it was dying.
Chapter 8:
  • Maycomb experiences a cold and white winter. Jem and Scout make a snowman to look like Mr. Avery, another neighbor of theirs.
  • During the night, Atticus wakes the children up due to the fact that Mrs. Maudie's house is on fire. It eventually burned to the ground.
  • While watching the house burn, Boo Radley wraps a blanket around Scout while she doesn't even see him or notice.
Chapter 9:
  • Scout gets into a fight with Cecil Jacobs because he called Atticus a "Nigger Lover."
  • It is at this time when Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson.
  • It is revealed that Tom Robinson is doomed- A black man would never be acquitted of all charges from an all-white jury.
Chapter 10:
  • A mad dog appears on Finch property.
  • Atticus uses his shotgun to kill it.
  • This changes Jem's perception of his father completely.
Chapter 11:
  • On their way home Jem passes by Mrs. Dubose's house, an old woman who said that "Atticus Finch is no better than the Niggers he defends."
  • Jem becomes enraged and wrecks all of Mrs. Dubose's flowers.
  • Upon hearing about this, Atticus makes Jem report to Mrs. Dubose's house every day for a month to read to her.
  • Jem goes and Scout accompanies him.
Chapter 12:
  • Dill Does not come to Maycomb this summer.
  • Atticus is forced to travel to the state capital every day for two weeks due to work.
  • Calpurnia, the Finch's African American maid, takes Jem and Scout to her church.
  • It is here that Jem and Scout learn that Tom Robinson, an African American, has been acused of rape by Bob Ewell, a poor white American. Scout and Jem cannot believe why anyone would take Ewell's word.
Chapter 13:
  • Jem and Scout's Aunt Alexandria comes to Maycomb to take care of them.
  • She wants to provide a feminine influence in their lives.
Chapter 14:
  • Aunt Alexandria tries to convince Atticus to get rid of Calpurnia, but Atticus refuses.
  • When Scout goes to bed, she discovers has a great discovery- Dill has come.
Chapter 15:
  • Sherriff Heck Tate arrives at the Finch's house and convinces Atticus to come to the Maycomb jail as the possibility of a lynch mob may occur.
  • Jem, Scout, and Dill sneak out of their house to follow Atticus downtown.
  • Four cars drive up to the jail house and order Atticus to leave. Atticus refuses.
  • Jem, Scout, and Dill come out of hiding to confront Atticus and the mob.
  • Head of the newspaper, Mr. Underwood, peeps his head out the window with a shotgun and urges the crowd to leave.
  • Atticus takes the kids home.
Chapter 16:
  • The trial begins that day and citizens of Maycomb fill the courthouse.
  • Scout and Jem sit in the balcony with all the Afircan Americans.
Chapter 17:
  • Sherriff Heck Tate testifies.
  • Bob Ewell Testifies.
Chapter 18:
  • Atticus calls Mayella Ewell to the stand to testify.
  • Atticus proves a good argument that Mayella Ewell's story is skeptical.
Chapter 19:
  • Mr. Gilmour, the lawyer representing the State of Alabama, calls Tom Robinson to testify.
  • Gilmour takes advantage of Robinson, insults him, and treats him terribly.
  • The jury pretty much made their mind up already.
Chapter 20:
  • Court resumes and Atticus makes his final speech to the jury.