To Kill A Mockingbird Continued:
Chapter 21:
  • Atticus orders Scout, Jem, and Dill to go home and eat their supper.
  • They return for the verdict.
  • At 11 o'clock at night, Tom Robinson is found guilty.
Chapter 22:
  • Jem is infuriated at the jury's verdict.
  • Jem's whole perception of Maycomb is crushed.
  • Miss Maudie informs to Jem that although the verdict may not have been just, the fact that it took the jury so long to settle on their verdict represents a racial improvement.
Chapter 23:
  • Bob Ewell threatens and scares the Finch family. Everyone except Atticus is scared.
  • Tom Robinson is sent to another prison while his appeal occurs.
  • If Tom loses, he will receive the death chair.
  • Jem and Atticus talk about capital punishment for rape in Alabama.
  • Atticus tells Jem that a white man's word will always beat a black man's word.
Chapter 24:
  • Scout is told to wear a dress for Aunt Alxandria and her friends.
  • Ever since Tom Robinson's trial, all the black servants were acting differently.
  • Atticus informs everyone that Tom Robinson tried to escape prison and was shot dead.
  • Atticus and Calpurnia go to the Robinson's household.
Chapter 25:
  • September has begun.
  • Mr. Underwood writes and article about Tom Robinson's death explaining how and innocent man was killed.
  • Summer ends, and Dill leaves.
Chapter 26:
  • School begins and the children still pass the Radley place everyday while on their way to school.
  • Scout wishes to see Boo Radley just one more time.
  • Jem still does not want to talk about the trial.
Chapter 27:
  • Bob Ewell torments and harasses everyone involved in the case: Judge Taylor, Helen Robinson, Link Deas, etc.
  • It is only a matter of time before Atticus and his family are next.
  • There is a party and play at the school on Halloween.
  • Scout is dressed up as "ham".
external image placeholder?w=NaN&h=NaNScout-in-Ham-Costume.jpg
external image placeholder?w=NaN&h=NaNScout and Jem on their way back from the party in the woods.
Chapter 28:
  • On their way back from the pageant as they are walking through the woods, someone pursues Jem and Scout.
  • Jem is held down and screams, while Scout runs away.
  • The attacker gets hold of Scout but is pulled away.
  • As Scout looks up she sees an unclean man wreaking of whiskey.
  • Scout runs home and sees a figure carrying Jem back.
ewell0.jpegCrazy Bob Ewell
Chapter 29:
  • As Scout gets home she explains the story to Sherriff Heck Tate.
  • She notices a man in the corner of the room- it is Boo Radley!
Chapter 30:
  • Scout sits on the porch with Boo.
  • Atticus and Heck Tate argue about whether Jem killed Bob Ewell.
  • Atticus does not want Jem to be exempt from the law.
  • Heck Tate agrees to pronounce the reason for Bob Ewell's death to be him falling on his knife.
Chapter 31:
  • Scout takes Boo upstairs to say goodnight to Jem.
  • Scout walks Boo home and never sees him again.
  • Scout realizes all these years while she had all these prejudices of Boo, he turned out to be so nice.
547591_10150145695979990_151009806_n.jpgEnding Scence with Boo and Scout sitting on the Porch.
imagesCAE8R401.jpgAtticus has great love for his children.