It is important to consider the different perceptions characters have of other characters because they will change as we move through the book!
  • Our goal is to motivate our students to never place false titles, prejudices, or be descriminatory toward any group of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.
  • We should be accepting of everyone!
  • Let us celebrate diversity!

Food for Thought: You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”-Atticus Finch
  • Consider this poem. What can we learn from it?
  • How can you apply this to your everyday life?
  • Do you agree with this quote?
At first depicted as an immature, ignorant tomboy.As story progresses she becomes a learning womanLearns that she can learn something from everyone around her.
JemFinch 4186993.jpg
First seen as someone who thinks that the world is all about “being a man.”Thought that Maycomb was the best place on Earth.Learned that there’s more to life then masculinity.Once Tom was convicted, he learned of prejudice between races in Maycomb.
AtticusFinch Atticus bad ass.jpg
At first is seen as a wimpy dad who likes to read.Jem thought he did not like to do spend any time with him.People learned that Atticus had the best shot in all of Maycomb and was not just a wimpy dad.Jem realized that his dad was busy with fighting for a cause.
Calpurnia Calpurnia.jpg
Kids looked at her as a poor African American who had nothing better to do than be the Finch’s maid.Once she took the kids to her all-black church, the kids realized that she had a life outside of being a maid.They realized that religion was very important to her.Lastly, they realized that she was not as strict as she seemed to be.
Walter CunninghamWalter cunningham.jpg
Portrayed as a very dumb, quiet, and poor child.Although he may be poor, he is also very smart and intellectual.He is very kind and willing to speak.He expresses compassion and care.
Children think that he is crazy.They think he eats squirrels and is dangerous to society.He folds Jem’s pants.Delivers the children goods by hiding them in a tree.Eventually saves Jem…
What we can learn today: Diversity.jpg
There are many different people in the world.People have different hobbies, talents, and beliefs.Do not place assumptions on those who are different than us.Be accepting of everyone. Regardless of their differences.
Agree to Disagree!